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I’ve dedicated my life to figuring out how to get the best out of myself. I grew up relatively anxious and insecure. I was hyper-aware of the life I could be living—the version of myself I could be experiencing—and the fact that I wasn’t there yet was painful.

Over time I’ve discovered that the distance between my current self and my best self is shorter and easier to bridge than I thought. My “best case scenario” life isn’t years of processing and therapy sessions away. It’s nearby and intuitive. It’s available all the time; just smiling patiently, waiting for an invitation.

Surprisingly, living in alignment is easier than living out of alignment.

The more I learn the more urgency I feel to share what I’m learning. Almost everyone I know is living a life subpar to the one they’ve imagined. They’ve become apathetic or jaded about the possibility of living a life that has them proud and grateful on their deathbed.

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Get Out of Your Way: Make 2017 the Best Year of Your Life

Reaching your potential and loving your life has way less to do with achieving anything and way more to do with removing the debris, dropping the pretense and getting out of your way.

In this 30-page ebook I’ve plucked out some of the richest insights that have made a difference for me. The 9 chapters each contain some of the best things I know about how to get out of your way.

My belief (and intention) is that if you integrate what you read in Get Out of Your Way, you really will make 2017 the best year of your life.

“A comforting and grounded new voice in the field of personal transformation. Cory is a bright light that offers hope and inspiration. Readers might just get what they never thought to ask for.”

— Bruce D Schneider, MCC

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Here’s one of my all-time favorite quotes:

“The happiest and most successful people in the world all understand that they can create whatever they want; they are like kids in a sandbox. They don’t see regulations and limitations, and they most definitely don’t try to fit in. They see opportunity everywhere and they are exceptionally honest with themselves and confident in their dreams and visions.

They are not limited by what they see already created around them, and they feel intuitively that they will get everything they need to create what they are most inspired to create–especially if their creations are in service of a better planet and a happier civilization.”
Bentinho Massaro