I’m Cory Katuna


“A comforting and grounded new voice in the field of personal transformation. Cory is a bright light that offers hope and inspiration. Readers might just get what they never thought to ask for.”
— Bruce D Schneider, MCC

I started this blog in August of 2016 because I felt like I wasn’t reaching my potential or helping people reach theirs. I knew I had a lot to give but I didn’t have a way to give it. I wanted a platform; a way to share the most useful things I’m learning with whoever else is ready to learn those things too.

The first post I wrote was called Just Fucking Start. I’m glad I did.

Since, I’ve written about all kinds of things—like using jealousy as a catalyst, finding “Fuck Yes,” (and saying no to everything else), how to get company culture right, my love life, a new perspective about the election, applying minimalism to your social life, why getting offended doesn’t work, celibacy, and all kinds of other stuff.

After I wrote that article about the election, iPEC reached out and partnered with me on my first [free] ebook, Get Out of Your Way. I loved writing it and I love the final product. In a nutshell, here’s what it’s about:

Reaching your potential and loving your life has way less to do with achieving anything and way more to do with removing the debris, dropping the pretense and getting out of your way.

You can download it for free here and read about that process here.