I’m Investing in Women

Hey everyone, Cory here. It’s been a while! I’m not much of an active blogger anymore (though you can still find the occasional inspired caption on my Instagram page) — but I am working on a handful of passion projects, one of which I’m excited to share with the women among you 🙂

Starting in less than 2 weeks, my beloved friend & cofounder and I will be mentoring an exclusive group of no more than 30 women for 6 months of rigorous transparency, self-inquiry, pattern disruption, breakthrough, and friendship. We’re calling it the Living True Mentorship. (Registration closes June 28!)

This mentorship is one program of many-to-come from the two of us. We recently launched our company called The Light Touch, where we’ll offer retreats, programs and coaching with people (not just women) who are ready for an honest, irreverent and no-bullshit approach to spirituality and personal growth.

The Living True Mentorship

From July 1 – January 7, be one of 30 women to align your life, habits, voice, relationships, work, self-image, and connection to source with who you truly are and why you’re here.

Romee and I have been doing this work together for over 7 years—the result is more fun, authenticity, meaning, radical honesty, trust and safety than anything either of us have seen or experienced anywhere else. It’s safe not because we’re careful or validating or politically correct (believe us, we’re not)—but because we’re willing to be wrong and committed to learning, we’re loyal to the truth, we’re loving (not coddling), and we count on each other to do the inner work. We’re inspired to share the deep ins-and-outs of this work with 30 women who read this page and hear an internal “Fuck yes—finally!”

Together we will dig deep, do the nitty gritty work of dropping pretense, getting real about who we are, what we want, and what we’re here to give. Get ready for hard laughs, tough conversations, beautiful breakthroughs, challenging dialogues, and a giant, wholehearted leap in the direction of your self-mastery.

Romee and Cory are the real deal. I’ve worked with both of them individually and also had the pleasure of working with them as a team and I couldn’t be more grateful for their guidance. What sets them apart from 99,99% of teachers, coaches & facilitators is that they are speaking from their own embodied experience, while being precisely tuned to both the individual and the group field they are working with. They set the bar high and they hold you to your highest, but in doing so they come from a place of endless love, acceptance and recognition. As a team they work seamlessly, each with their own unique qualities. I would recommend them to anyone excited & passionate about reaching their divine potential.


Apply if…

The Living True Mentorship is an exclusive and relatively advanced program. Since we will only be accepting 30 women, mentees will be accepted based on their applications. So before you apply, be sure to review the following “Apply if” criteria, and check out the “Don’t apply if…” criteria on our website.

  • You’re doing well; you are relatively content—but you know more is possible. You know in your heart that you’re compromising, appeasing, or living a life based more on momentum than on clear seeing and intentional choice.
  • You are committed to closing the gap between the life you currently live and the one that is in integrity with your purpose / calling / reason for being / higher self.
  • You have a spiritual practice but it lacks depth or consistency. You are more of a “personal development shopper” than a pro.
  • You find yourself indulging in blame, self-pity, gossip, insecurity, or unhelpful mental & emotional patterns even if you know better, and you want to transcend those habits.
  • You want more balanced, powerful, well-rounded women in your life who are honest, confident, and not easily distracted by trivialities.
  • You want to do the tough inner work, you want to be challenged and to have your layers of conditioning exposed, but you haven’t yet found an environment you trust to help you with that subtle excavation.
  • You’re motivated to make the time, you feel inspired, and you’re stable, responsible for your choices, and “coachable” (you’re willing to be wrong, stay in the conversation even if it’s hard, and try on new ideas that challenge your current way of seeing and thinking).

I’m looking forward to seeing some of you in the mentorship and in some of our future programs and offerings. To give you a teaser, one program we’ve been noodling over is a 6-week spirituality course for not-so-spiritual dads 😉

Big hug —


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