[FINISHED] Breakthrough Bootcamp 1

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When you have a breakthrough you transcend an aspect of your unexamined conditioning; you become lucid where you were previously sleepwalking. When you have a breakthrough you see something that you couldn’t see before; your awareness expands to include something that used to be unconscious programming.

As a result you’re different. You have more options. You have more bandwidth for generosity and creativity. You are freer and more confident. You become less of a validation-seeking, roleplaying character and more of a free agent. You become less bound by the fear-based matrix of social acceptability and more empowered to live your best life. Every time you have a breakthrough you cast your vote for humanity’s best case scenario. Your breakthroughs are your service to the world. 

I can think of no greater use of my time and energy than to create an infrastructure that causes (or at least encourages) breakthroughs in others. That’s why I designed Breakthrough Bootcamp.

What is Breakthrough Bootcamp?

Breakthrough bootcamp is a 66-day (November 11 – January 15) architecture designed to free you from your own limiting perspectives. Here’s what it includes:

  1. 3 Daily Habits. For 66 consecutive days you’ll agree to practice 3 very simple new behaviors. All three combined will usually take less than one hour. I’ll tell you what they are after you register—but I’ve been doing them for the past few months and they’re crucial.
  2. 11 Inspirational / Instructional Units. This is the part of the program I’m most excited about! Every 6 days there will be a new unit—11 in total. The units are teachings or lessons that will inspire you and expedite your growth. Most units will include homework. Bentinho Massaro will lead two units. Anurag Gupta will lead one, and Annie Hart will lead one. These people are all influential teachers and breakthrough-causers. I am thrilled that you’ll get access to them too. You can scroll down to see the schedule for all 11 units.
  3. Private 1-on-1 coaching with me. I am committed to every participant’s best case scenario through this program so I will offer ongoing free access to my coaching calendar.
  4. A private Facebook group with all of the participants in this program. We will have live video calls, share our progress, submit homework, and support each other.
  5. You will have access to the content of this program after it ends. Transcending the thick bubble of human conditioning is tough—but programs like these serve as little holes in the fabric of that matrix. Whenever you feel stuck or confused or overwhelmed, you’ll be able to return to this reminder of your true brilliant nature beyond the limitations of our social programming. 

Bootcamp Schedule: 11 Units

  1. Welcome + Overview: How to Succeed at this program (Nov. 11)
  2. The 7 Levels of Energy: How to monitor your own alignment (Nov. 17)
  3. Your Calling: Tune out the noise, familiarize yourself with you (Nov. 23)
  4. Guest Lesson by Bentinho Massaro (Nov. 28)
  5. Be of Useful Service: Your responsibility to be authentic (Dec. 4)
  6. Guest Lesson by Anurag Gupta (Dec. 10)
  7. Lighten Up: Practice playfulness, creativity, generosity (Dec. 16)
  8. Guest Lesson by Annie Hart: Come home to your heart (Dec. 22)
  9. Surprise Unit (Dec. 28)
  10. Guest Lesson by Bentinho Massaro #2 (Jan. 3)
  11. The Grand Finale (Jan. 9)

Important details:

Dates: Sunday November 11, 2018 – Saturday January 15, 2019 (66 days)

[Payment & Registration information removed because this Bootcamp has finished]

6 thoughts on “[FINISHED] Breakthrough Bootcamp 1

  1. satnamcat

    Hello Cory,

    1. How is “unit” being defined? Format? Live? How long? PDF’s? Direct access to guest presenters? Please elaborate.

    2. What is meant by “free access to my coaching calendar” – private 1-on-1 coaching with you is included? Please clarify.    Thank you,



    1. Cory Katuna

      1. A unit is a teaching. Either in the form of a pre-recorded video or a live zoom call with all participants. There will be different kinds of materials and homework for each unit.

      2. Yes. Free private one-on-one coaching with me. I’ll coordinate this individually with each person.


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