[FINISHED] Breakthrough Bootcamp 2

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This was a game changer. I would do it 1000 more times. It’s genius.

Just like radio stations, there are parallel versions of you running simultaneously at all times. Ever notice that when you feel bad the thoughts you have access to are doubtful, confused, or—at best—defensive justifications for your stuckness? In these states you don’t feel like yourself. You feel off track. (And don’t get me started about the folks who are always “fine” but are actually just in a rut that has them fooled…we’ll dig deep into that little trap in Bootcamp).

But when you’re lit up and joyful and clear the thoughts you have access to are coherent and constructive and creative. In these states, you feel like yourself. You feel on-track. You’re available to others, you don’t get offended easily, you’re productive, resilient, confident and lighthearted. In these states you’re not concerned about getting fulfilled or reaching your potential because you are already experiencing the version of yourself who is fulfilled and who reaches their potential! You have already turned the dial to that station.

Usually we switch stations randomly or as a result of changing circumstances—but fortunately you can strengthen the muscle of tuning the dial directly. You can master aligning yourself with the version that is truest, freest, wisest, and most generous. You can learn to become yourself.

The caveat is this: it’s not easy with your current momentum. Your current mental and physical environment is designed to support exactly what you currently experience—so trying to have breakthroughs or “figure it out” from where you currently are generally leads to more of the same.

Breaking through not only your accumulated momentum but also your deeper attachments to fitting in, looking good, or appeasing others requires either a lot of focus and will… or a change in environment like Breakthrough Bootcamp.

I am now comfortable being disliked. Boom.

There is, in my opinion, literally nothing better you could do for yourself or humanity than to master the art of becoming yourself—radically and authentically and freely. That’s why I run Breakthrough Bootcamp.

What is Breakthrough Bootcamp?

Breakthrough Bootcamp is a 70-day (August 1 – October 10) immersive course designed to free you from your self-deprecating patterns, align you with who you really are, and build your confidence in your own capacity to break through regardless of your circumstances. Here’s what you can expect:

  • 3 Daily Habits. When you register for Bootcamp, you agree to complete these habits (which will be disclosed after registration) every single day for all 70 days of Bootcamp. These 3 habits are the backbone of Breakthrough Bootcamp. They build momentum physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • 10 Instructional Units. Every week there will be a new Unit with a new set of teachings. I will lead most units. Three units will be led by TRULY EPIC guest speakers, including public-speaking guru Johanna Walker, and author and founder of iPEC Coaching Bruce D Schneider. As a bonus, you will get to watch recordings of ALL 4 GUEST SESSIONS from the last Bootcamp (two by Bentinho Massaro, one by Anurag Gupta, and one by Annie Hart).
  • Unlimited private one-on-one coaching with me and my team of new coaches. Each of you will get two 30-minute private coaching calls with me, and unlimited additional coaching calls with the small team of coaches I am personally training.
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with everyone in your Bootcamp. This Facebook Group will contain all of our content and additional content like articles, group conversations and support, spontaneous Facebook Lives by me, etc. You’ll have access to this group as long as Facebook exists.

This was so refreshing for me as well as deepening. I joined to get clarity on my horizontal path and ended up with a thirst for self and infinity that have shifted so much. This is a very complete program for whoever is really ready to break through, to up their game. You’re cracking the code.

Bootcamp Schedule:

(Subject to change)

  1. Welcome & Overview: How to Succeed at This Program (Thursday, Aug. 1)
  2. The Levels of Energy: Raise Your Own Energy (Thursday, Aug. 8)
  3. Be of Useful Service: Your Responsibility to be Confident and Authentic (Thursday, Aug. 15)
  4. Guest Speaker Johanna Walker (Sunday, Aug. 25)
  5. Your Calling: Tune Out the Noise; Familiarize Yourself with You (Sunday, Sept. 1)
  6. Guest Speaker Jade Alectra (Sunday, Sept. 8)
  7. Lighten The F*ck Up: The Life Hack of Play & Improv (Sunday, Sept. 15)
  8. Mind Mastery: Meditate Properly. Think Coherently. (Sunday, Sept. 22)
  9. Guest Speaker Bruce D Schneider (Thursday, Oct. 3)
  10. Wrap Up & Content Creation Workshop (Thursday, Oct. 10)

“Today it really clicked for me. I had been holding Cory up, as people often do with teachers, and today that fell away completely. There is no separation anymore, no sense that “Oh Cory can teach because she is qualified, experienced, and skilled and I am not there yet.” No, it is all about commitment to your own alignment and having a growth mindset – both of which I now have. It’s so simple. I see and understand the importance of my own expression and that we all benefit when we share from an aligned state.

Who Breakthrough Bootcamp is (and isn’t) For:

The process that results in a breakthrough can feel intense and confronting. Having a breakthrough necessarily means transcending and making obsolete something you used to identify with or believe in. When something you identify with gets invalidated, it may feel like YOU are getting invalidated. That can feel threatening.

The only way a breakthrough can happen is if you’re intrinsically motivated to get through the threatening phase and realize the truth beyond it. If you’re intrinsically motivated, you’ll lean in, open up, get curious, take on a growth mindset, ask questions until you find clarity, and trust the process. If you’re not intrinsically motivated, you’ll withdraw or pass blame or gossip or find some way to avoid staying in the arena. We’ll spend some time at the beginning of the program calling ourselves out on and exposing our go-to defense mechanisms. 

There’s room for healthy skepticism and real conversations in Breakthrough Bootcamp, but I don’t want to waste much of my or the other participants’ time with counterproductive defense strategies like these.

Therefore, I’ll ask you to check with yourself before registering for Breakthrough Bootcamp 2: are you here because you want to be entertained and you think it might be interesting? Or are you here because you want to uplevel, do the work, and align your life with your calling? 

Please don’t apply if your full intention isn’t to get your hands dirty, engage in the units, take on the prompts and the teachings, and follow through with the daily habits.

Otherwise, I can’t wait to see you in there. 

The results in my outer life toward the end of The Bootcamp, as a result of focusing solely on my inner world, are fucking insane. It’s a whole new world inside and out. So thank you. Keep changing the world. You’re training bulletproof warriors.

Important Details:

Dates: Thursday August 1 – Thursday October 10 (70 days)

Where?: All of Bootcamp happens over Facebook (most coaching calls use Facebook Audio), Zoom (for the group calls), and e-mail.

Cost: $366 per person ($5.23 per day). OR sign up with a friend for $499 TOTAL / $249 each ($3.56 per day). Payment due by midnight MST on Wednesday, July 31st. Nonrefundable.

— registration closed —

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