Travel with me

Every few months I lead or co-lead small, curated adventures in stunning locations around the world.

The theme changes every trip but my intention stays the same: to strengthen your relationship with your truth. To familiarize you with the difference between yourself and the character you play unconsciously. To get you into alignment with your purpose. To move you along the spectrum from separate, self-conscious and inauthentic to generous and alive and trued-up and on a mission.


Here are the snippets from the last two adventures:

Alive in Peru »

Adopt an Attitude of Improvisation. We are generating this trip together. We are all supporting actors. In other words this isn’t about you consuming a vacation that someone else is organizing for you, this is us creating something as a team. Here are the 4 rules of improvisation according to Tina Fey:

1. Agree. This doesn’t mean literally agreeing with what anyone says or does—but instead of flagrantly rejecting or contradicting them, use your energy instead to understand, engage, and move forward.

2. Say YES, AND. Fully accept the reality that you’re in, then contribute to it. Again, you don’t have to agree in order to accept a situation or a person or an idea for what it is. Listen, lean in, add value.

3. Make Statements. Whatever the problem, be part of the solution. Don’t just sit around raising questions and pointing out obstacles.

4.There are no mistakes. Only opportunities. SOMETHING WILL GO WRONG. The way you interpret and handle it determines whether or not it was a mistake or an opportunity. Read more »


Expect Nothing in Egypt »

When you see “Expect nothing,” take it less literally and more energetically. It’s the attitude we’re looking for from the group we take. We want a group of people who are wide-eyed and ready and curious. People who are low-maintenance and supportive and non-dramatic. People who are excited about being encouraged to drop their expectations and attachments in order to be right here right now. We want to know we’re spending 11 days with people who feel the same way we feel: in love. Present. Light. Grateful. Open. Read more »