On March 17, I started iPEC’s Coach Training Program—a 9-month process known to be confronting, transformative, and effective.

Here’s the deal: throughout this course I’ll be writing articles about my experience. Each article will be real and raw and honest. You’ll get an inside peek into what goes down behind-the-scenes—good, bad or ugly.

This page is where you can stay up on everything I’ve written to date.

For more info on iPEC, go to their website: ipeccoaching.com 


1: What Am I Getting Myself Into?

February 15, 2017

I’m about to kick off my intensive 9-month coach training program with iPEC. The program is known for being wildly transformative. My friend Brenda told me last night that after spending thousands of dollars on therapy without much luck, she started the iPEC program and rerouted her life entirely.

Here’s my first official article about my iPEC experience. It’s based on what’s been going on in my mind before I start. To be honest I’ve been reluctant. This is a huge commitment. It’s a coach training program and I don’t even know if I want to be a coach. And at the same time I’m excited as hell. Read the article »


2: Trusting the Process: Reflections Before Training Begins

March 11, 2017

The iPEC Coach Training Program starts this Friday and I’m amped.

But I wasn’t amped a few weeks ago—I’ve been feeling quiet and slow. Disconnected and a little off. I’ve been doing hours-long meditations, cancelling plans with friends, and reading books like Untethered Soul and Siddhartha. And I’m not the only one experiencing this—many of my friends have told me about a recent shift in energy. They feel stoic and objective. Less invested in the daily trivialities of life.

This space is strange and antisocial. I’ve felt somehow incompatible with the “real world.” That was until I read Energy Leadership, the book Bruce D Schneider wrote that lays the foundation for the iPEC training. Reading it reminded me that I’m in exactly the right spot. This space I’m in is relevant, valuable, and right on track.

Reading it renewed my excitement to launch into these next 9 months with iPEC. If this state feels remotely familiar to you, read the article »


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3: Stop Giving Advice (and other takeaways from iPEC’s Mod 1)

April 17, 2017

I just finished iPEC’s Mod 1 (the first of three live weekend trainings) and I was pleasantly surprised. Not that I expected to be anything less than impressed, but in a few ways the training showed me some of my preexisting beliefs, corrected them, and reoriented me. Some of these ideas—like what coaches even do for people—I thought I understood pretty well. I was wrong. 

Read about 3 of my unexpected takeaways (and watch the video) here »



4: Want Me To Coach You? I’ll Take 3 People For Free

May 22, 2017

The iPEC Coach Training program is almost a third of the way through and it’s time for me to start putting what I’m learning into action. I’m officially taking clients—three of whom I’ll coach (5 sessions each) for free. 

This offer isn’t on the table anymore, but feel free to read my criteria for coaching and get some insight into my initiation into the coaching world »



5: A Message of Gratitude for iPEC

June 8, 2017

My intention for this post was to give folks some straightforward insight into iPEC’s Coach Training Program now that it’s almost halfway through. But what I’m feeling right now is grateful—like a strong, heartfelt gratitude. So instead of letting y’all in on specifics of the training, I’m going to let y’all in on what has me thankful to be going through it. Read on »