Upcoming Workshops by Bootcamp Graduates

Breakthrough Bootcamp 2 ended about a month ago. The final activity after 10 weeks of a wonderful Bootcamp was a content-creation workshop; one in which I encouraged participants to create a workshop or event or course of their own.

I’m incredibly impressed (and proud to be honest) of the results. I urge you to check out the following workshops and sign up or join those that resonate with you:

A Return to Masculine + Feminine Polarity

When: Sunday, November 17 11am – 12pm EST
Where: Online: click here for all info
Lead by: Kari Woldum, a trained Breakthrough Bootcamp coach
Description: What is polarity? Discover how the inherent relationship of our masculine and feminine energies can awaken greater vitality. But first we have to unwind a lot of cultural programming and conditioning. In this one-hour primer on polarity, we’ll unpack some of the misunderstandings about how our masculine and feminine energies relate and how harnessing our differences can lead to more creativity, vibrancy, and passion.
For singles and couples.
A link to the video conference will be sent out prior to the event and for those who cannot attend live, a recording will be sent out after.

Need a bit more info? Email kari@kariwoldum.com

Soul Paint Healing

What: 5-week meditative painting course
When: January 2020; follow @soulpainthealing for specifics
Where: Online
Lead by: Kari Dee
Description: Hello Friends,
Drop the mask and breathe into your true self with this beautiful meditative painting course. Over five weeks, become vulnerable as you lovingly dive into the energetic blockages holding you back. This is your opportunity to get real with yourself about why you are seeing “negative” patterns, why your heart feels heavy, or why you have negative relationships with money, relationships, or yourself.
Let it all go and heal with Kari in this Soul Painting course. This course offers the opportunity to meet with a meditation and painting teacher once a week for the duration of the five week course. All students will gather together in a shared space through Zoom, to share a painting meditation experience. Our goal is to excavate our own blockages through guided meditation and use painting as a tool to self-express, and ultimately heal. Early bird prices for this course will start at just $55.00 CAD for the five week course! Follow @soulpainthealing on Instagram for updates on the launch date in January 2020!
With Love, Kari

Course Details:

  • Five classes (2 hours per class. Once per week for the duration of the course)
  • Each class will include: A painting skills lesson, a guided meditation, a group painting session and a group discussion
  • A course materials list will be provided upon registration (minimal cost)
  • You do not need to have any artistic label for yourself in order to find success and support in this class. Painting is simply the beautiful medium through which we will self-express on this journey.
  • More details can be found on our Instagram page @soulpainthealing, or email me at soulpainthealing@gmail.com

Gigi’s Wine & Wisdom Goddess Circle

What: Recurring intentional online wine evening for goddesses
When: First Goddess Circle is Sunday, November 24 from 4-6pm CST
Where: Online. Click here for info.
Lead by: Gigi Bisong, a trained Breakthrough Bootcamp coach
Description: Space is limited to 20. Gather for a beautiful Happy Hour experience as we dive deep into the topic of love and romantic relationships.

The Story: I created Wine and Wisdom about 8 years ago in MN where I would hold these intimate happy hours at hip local salons and boutiques. Women would gather (instead at local crowded noisy bars after work ) at local venues to drink wine, get raw, create deep connections, be seen-heard and loved on like never before and leave with new tools and habits to implement into their worlds.

Deep sister type friendships were created out of these happy hours so I figured its time to bring it to the virtual space – to bring this experience to more lovely ladies!

The Why: I originally created this because I LOVE spaces that bring community and healing together but I was craving a space that felt more like a girls night out than a super serious intense workshop. Don’t get me wrong … I love my intense – mindful spaces but I wanted to quench that part of me that is a bit more playful, sassy and wild and bridge that with healing/meditation. So Welcome to Wine and Wisdom!! Where all of you is welcome.

The Setup: Come as if you are literally going out to a happy hour with your girl friends. Dress in whatever has you feel absolutely like the fabulous beauty that you are. If its yoga pants = great! If its jeans=cool. Do you! Personally I am obsessed with dressing up so a dress will most likely be my chosen attire. Have your wine (or choice of beverage) ready and your most loveliest wine glass!

Cant wait to see all your gorgeous faces on the zoom call!

**You will receive a zoom link via the email that you use to signup**

Starseed Training

What: 11-week channeled course designed to Activate, Align and Awaken us to the highest potential for our Starseed Mission during this incarnation.
When: Starts immediately! (first module is Sunday 11/17)
Where: Online. Click here for info.
Lead by: Jonathan Trinity Martin + others
Description: Do you think you may be a Starseed? Does channeling interest you? Do you see strange lights in the sky or feel your dreams are trying to tell you something? Would you like to live a life more exciting than Luke Skywalker’s?

With a focus upon guiding Starseeds and Wanderers into greater alignment with our calling and mission. Whilst deepening our connection to Unity Consciousness. The STAR Program is a partly channeled program brought to you by Trinity Ra with guest channels Daniel Scranton & Gavin Lim.

With Trinity channeling Ra and the Yahyel. Daniel channeling the Arcturian Council. And Gavin channeling The Many. The course is split into 3 modules designed to assist you in Actualizing, Integrating & Realising the highest potential for your mission on Earth.

Blissful Infinity

What: Online Community, In-Person Monthly Meetings (in the UK), and/or Online Mentoring.
When: Various options. go to www.blissfulinfinity.com
Where: Online and/or in person. Click here for info.
Lead by: Jo De Rosa, a trained Breakthrough Bootcamp coach
Description: Jo De Rosa introduces an online community where we share, story-tell, get vulnerable and honest in a space where you feel safe to speak your truth. Jo will livestream a weekly guided meditation into the group, along with the monthly Blissful Infinity in-person meet up that takes place on the second Thursday of each month. Please feel free to share whatever insights you are having towards becoming more self-realized; each experience is another’s potential permission slip, and in this way the whole group raises its vibration. The intention for this community is to raise the consciousness of the planet, by first making inner shifts which will naturally spill over into everyone and everything around us.
There are three ways to experience Blissful Infinity: Online Community, In-Person Monthly Meeting, and Online Mentoring; all designed for you to realize who you are, understand why you’re here, and learn how best to show up in the world to be of most service to humanity. www.blissfulinfinity.com

Inner Currents

What: A series of upcoming workshops and aquatic jams. Click for info.
When: Click here for info.
Where: Different locations around the world. Click here for info.
Lead by: Ma Prem Arya, a trained Breakthrough Bootcamp Coach
Description: Inner Currents is an invitation to come together and connect with ourselves and each other using water as a medium. An opportunity to open up our hearts and see what it’s like to move in an aquatic landscape that embraces every part of us, and how it is to share space with other people when we are all so empty.

To me, water dancing is based on presence. In water, all of our tensions become obvious, so movement only feels right when we let go of our agendas and drop into the silent moment, really experiencing that space of non gravity where none of our terrestrial rules apply. From this deep connection with ourselves, we move. We discover our inner currents and become a stream together. Then, a space opens up for exploration, play, curiosity, receptivity, surrender. That’s why I chose this name for the project.

Inner Currents can happen anywhere there is water. It can be a pool, hot springs, the warm ocean, etc… At the moment, I am in Thailand, where I’ll be putting on the next workshops and jams. For more information and contact, check out my website https://mapremarya.wixsite.com/innercurrents

99 Dagen Groeispurt

What: An immersive 99-day program in The Netherlands
When: Start date is January 25 2020
Where: The Netherlands (this is an in-person program) Sign up here.
Lead by: Roos Apotheker
Description: 99 Dagen Groeispurt consists of 99 days of various habits and exercises, 6 training days on location and awesome workshops by guest trainers/speakers. You will learn how to master your state of being, transform limiting beliefs and discover more of what truly excites you. 99 dagen Groeispurt takes place in The Netherlands.

I am one of the guest trainers. My workshop will consist of three parts:
Part 1: Feel yourself again: Yoga / Breathing / Meditation session.
Part 2: Exploring your risk or danger zone. An explanation followed by a 45 minute inquiry session, which is a talking meditation with one of your group members, exploring what your risk and danger zone looks like.
Part 3: Creating your risk-zone-challenge: Shape it, paint it, write it and set a deadline. 
Part 4: Setting up a supporting environment to help you reach your goal.

Waterbody: Free Transformational Coaching for 3 Applicants (6 sessions each)

What: Free coaching to 3 applicants
When: Apply ASAP. Click here.
Where: Online. Click here for info.
Lead by: Isabella Amstrup, a trained Breakthrough Bootcamp coach
Description: The founder of Waterbody.co is offering six 45-minute sessions of free transformational coaching each to 3 applicants! Visit www.waterbody.co

This program is designed to crack the code on who you truly are–to bring forth your unique authentic expression and to embody your greatest potential. Over the course of 6 weeks, I will hold a supportive container in which you will be guided to transmute outdated belief systems and ways of being into a life that’s more radically honest and in-alignment to your true self. Through individualized coaching we will:

  • Uncover blindspots and reprogram the subconscious mind
  • Take on a growth mindset by installing powerful foundational habits
  • Utilize imaginative states to envision and anchor in a life of unconditional love, creativity, joy, and abundance
  • Design and implement a lifestyle/sacred practice that is unique to you
  • Deepen your relationship to your true self and the world around you

In the program you will receive:

  • 6 sessions (45 minute calls) of individualized coaching with me
  • Powerful tools, resources, and practices for:
    • De-conditioning/Reprograming the mind
    • Accessing your intuition and creative expression
    • Living in alignment to your greatest potential

To schedule an initial 30 minute consultation CLICK HERE.

Own Your Frequency

What: Free 5-day core transformation
When: Starts Monday, November 24 2019
Where: Online. Click here for info.
Lead by: Tabea Schneider
Description: Starting Monday the 25th  2019  we will be diving deep into our inner being in order to remember who the fuck we are. We will face our shadows and unlock our purpose, power and potential. We will prepare for 2020 with full authority and dedication towards the life we came here to live.

Every day there will be video content as well as homework along with it. There will be live Q&As, guided journeys inward as well as fun games and give-aways. Prior to the starting date we will get to know each other and build a strong base from which we then initiate our quantum transformation. This is what our daily content calendar looks like:

Day 1 Remembering your greatness
Day 2 Reclaiming your power
Day 3 Facing your fears
Day 4 Stepping out of the matrix
Day 5 Unleashing your core codes

And this is where you can join the party: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2408034679465691/

Quantum Leap: Lifestyle Intensive Course

What: 6-week Lifestyle Re-engineering Course
When: Ongoing
Where: Online. Click here for info.
Lead by: Neff, a trained Breakthrough Bootcamp coach
Description: This is an intensive lifestyle building course where you will go through six weeks of practicing and implementing new lifestyle habits that support the highest version of you. During the 6 weeks we will reverse engineer the lifestyle you need in order to accelerate and fully break free of what’s kept you from your dreams. You will gain access to 24/7 support groups, weekly one-on-one coaching, as well as small group calls to check in with your tribe. Lifestyle is the key to being in unwavering alignment, and reaching your goals, and desires. It takes great courage to love yourself and this world so deeply you will let go of what is not in alignment. This is for those of you who are ready to let go, who are ready to devote yourselves deeply to your power, where you no longer are a victim but a creator, no longer controlled by outer forces, but are fully self-sourcing, and manifesting.

Take the leap and sign up now at: http://www.goquantumnow.com

Exploration Workshop

What: 6-week workshop starting December 12, 2019
When: December 12, 2019 – January 24
Where: Online. Click here for info.
Lead by: Paola Gomez
Description: Sooo exited to finally announce this upcoming EXPLORATION WORKSHOP! It is a 6 week workshop from Dec. 12 – Jan. 24. My intention for this workshop is to:

1) Explore our passions, that which lights us up and nurtures us.
2) Discover beliefs that get in the way of realizing our desire.
3) Explore ways of relating to ourselves that leave us with a sense of stability, indestructibility, infinite possibilities and over all well being.


  • Unlimited One-on-One Coaching
  • Weekly video calls via the Zoom platform
    • (These calls will be recorded and available for review at any time)
  • Daily appreciation practices
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Weekly physical activity video

Cost is $88 which is roughly about $15 per week.

I am keeping this workshop small and intimate with a maximum of 15 participants so please only apply if these topics fully resonate with you. Click here for more information.

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