2-Week Adventure in Peru: Applications Open

Applications are officially open for ALIVE in Peru!

From May 19 – May 31 2018, join me, Anna Skuba, our apprentice Aspen Bentley, and our troupe of 10 wonderful people for an edge-of-your-comfort-zone trek through Cusco, Peru.

There are 7 spots available (10 people total). Early bird prices end after February 28 and second tier prices end after March 9 (more info below). Our goal is to pull together a high-energy, low-maintenance group of leaders who are down to take ownership, stretch their comfort zone, open up, and say yes. Read this page completely and if it doesn’t feel like a “F*ck Yes,” don’t apply.

…But if it does, you’re probably exactly the kind of person we want on this trip.



What To Expect

May 19: Arrive in Cusco (or ideally a day or two before to acclimate to the high altitude—we will get up to 15,200 feet!) We will pay for everyone’s lodging the night of the 19th. For the days before, you will pay an additional $30/night.

At 6pm on May 19 we have a Mandatory Trek Briefing. 

May 20 – May 24: Early wakeup on the 20th for our 5-day Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. Click here for the full rundown—it’s enchanting.  Here’s a brief look at what this 5-day trek will entail:

  • Over 40 miles of hiking through different ecosystems—from snowy mountains to a glacier lake (see Lake Humantay photo above) to the tropical rainforest with fruit trees and waterfalls
  • A day in Machu Picchu (see photo above)
  • Trekking through the “cloud forest” in the upper Amazon jungle
  • A private chef, professional guides, and horses to carry most of our gear
  • Various small towns, base camps, and back trails with few tourists
  • Organic coffee, orange, and avocado plantations
  • Sleeping in glass igloos (see Sky Camp photo above), newly constructed jungle domes, and Andean huts
  • Delicious, highly-reviewed meals every day

May 24 – May 31: After our adventure we will get dropped off late at night on the 24th at our 3-story group house in central Cusco. On the 25th we will rest up, settle in, and gear up for our retreat week. Here’s what you can expect for our week at la casa:

  • Every participant will be responsible for leading at least one main activity for this trip. In your application below we ask that everyone includes a pitch: What activity might you lead? Be creative! It could be as simple as guiding a meditation or hide-and-seek in the woods, or as full-on as an improv comedy show or a volunteer project with locals or a hackathon at the house. We will help you organize, get tickets, budget and prepare for whatever you choose to lead, but you’re in charge.
  • Every night we will come together for a big yummy family dinner together. No phones, no distractions, just us. We will dedicate these dinners to sharing and listening (one microphone rule), playing games like fishbowl or the psychology game, going around the circle answering tough prompts, or even challenging ourselves by doing an entire dinner in complete silence.
  • Every day you can count on having free time to do your own thing (or organize something spontaneous). There’s a ton to do in Cusco. We’ll send out more information to the confirmed participants.

May 28: Full-Day Ausangate Rainbow Mountain Trek (see photo above)

May 30: Last day surprise activity 😉 followed by a send-off feast.

May 31: Check out of our group house and fly away. BUT—Cory, Aspen and Anna are staying an additional week bouncing around hostels, exploring, and possibly making a trek to Lake Titicaca. So after May 31 you’ll need to cover your own expenses, but you’re welcome to stay longer and travel with us.


Apply If This Applies To You…

  • You have a valid passport
  • You’re in good physical shape (can trek 40+ miles and up to 15,000 ft. altitude)
  • You feel alive as you read these intentions:

5 Intentions for ALIVE in Peru:

  1. Adopt an Attitude of Improvisation. We are generating this trip together. We are all supporting actors. In other words this isn’t about you consuming a vacation that someone else is organizing for you, this is us creating something as a team. Here are the 4 rules of improvisation according to Tina Fey:
    • Agree. This doesn’t mean literally agreeing with what anyone says or does—but instead of flagrantly rejecting or contradicting them, use your energy instead to understand, engage, and move forward.
    • Say YES, AND. Fully accept the reality that you’re in, then contribute to it. Again, you don’t have to agree in order to accept a situation or a person or an idea for what it is. Listen, lean in, add value.
    • Make Statements. Whatever the problem, be part of the solution. Don’t just sit around raising questions and pointing out obstacles.
    • There are no mistakes. Only opportunities. SOMETHING WILL GO WRONG. The way you interpret and handle it determines whether or not it was a mistake or an opportunity.
  2. Push Your Comfort Zone: This trek is going to be hard. Spending this much time immersed with the same people could be challenging. Stepping up and leading a group activity might be intimidating. Some of our group conversations might get uncomfortably vulnerable. Expect this. Move toward this. Resist the urge to close down when it gets overwhelming. The edge of your comfort zone is the hardest and most growth-saturated place you can be.
  3. Open Up To Deep Connections: Every night we will get together for dinner without our phones or anything to distract us and we will get to know each other. Everyone will speak and everyone will listen. We’ll look each other in the eyes and connect on a level many of us don’t anymore.
    We will walk 40 miles together. We do things none of us have ever done before together. We’ll get playful and lovey and irritated and tired and generous and grateful together. We will lead each other and follow each other.
    For these two weeks, give yourself permission to be vulnerable, open up, let people in, and share yourself.
  4. Take Ownership: Ownership changes the game. When people have ownership of a project something shifts: they care and support it and bring it to life. During this retreat you will take ownership for leading or facilitating or organizing some aspect of the trip. Don’t worry—we will help you make it epic—you’re not alone : )
    But this is not a lazy, chill-by-the-pool vacation. This is real and present and alive. Add value. Instead of consuming this trip, generate it.
  5. Play. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Try stuff. Be resilient. Compete. Let yourself look bad. Opt in. Get weird.



  • Early bird (apply by February 28) $1,990
  • Normal bird (apply by March 9): $2,290
  • Late bird (apply by March 30): $2,490
  • Where you been bird: (apply by April 20): $2,690

Price Includes:

  • Lodging from May 19 – May 31
  • Group transportation in / around Cusco from May 19 – May 31
  • Group travel insurance (including medical coverage)
  • Big lovely group dinners every night
  • Simple breakfasts every morning
  • Snacks for around the house
  • 5-Day Machu Picchu Trek (all inclusive)
  • 1-Day Ausangate Rainbow Mountain Trek (all inclusive)
  • Other group activities in Cusco (including the ones you lead)

Price Does NOT Include:

  • Flights to and from Cusco
  • Lodging and transportation for days before May 19 and after May 31
  • Additional snack foods, souvenirs, or anything personal
  • Alcohol
  • Tips for tour guides

If you want to secure your spot but can’t pay the full amount yet, let us know.

Refund Policy:

  • Cancel within 24 hours, 100% refund.
  • Cancel before March 1, 75% refund.
  • Cancel between March 1 and April 1, 50% refund.
  • Cancel on or after April 1, no refunds.


Apply Here


Once you’re confirmed and paid, we will send you an information packet, a waiver to sign, and a list of the information we’ll need from you.

Once our whole group is confirmed we will invite everyone to a WhatsApp group chat so we can ask & answer questions, bounce ideas off of each other, and stay in the loop.

For anything else, feel free to reach out to Cory (katuna@me.com) or Anna (annaskuba@gmail.com). 

**Please share this with anyone you think would be perfect for this trip! Our goal is to have a curated group of wonderful people—so the more eyes we can get on this the better.

5 thoughts on “2-Week Adventure in Peru: Applications Open

  1. Chris Bentley

    Cory…this is excellent. When I get my laptop I’ll send to candidates.

    Hannah… please read to my mom.

    Aspen…. I’m soooooo excited for you! And for the people you’ll meet!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wish. But here’s some fun since I can’t be there – the land border with Bolivia was closed when I was there in 2011, so I illegally crossed Lake Titicaca on a tourist boat. It took 10.5 hours and I didn’t pee the whole time. But this was what getting off the boat looked like.

    Have fun ❤️


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