11-Day Trek In Egypt: Applications Open

Wanna come to Egypt?


This is THE FIRST OFFICIAL international group trip / collaborative retreat / meditation excursion and we’re looking for the right 10 people to come along.

Here’s the deal: read through the description and if it resonates, apply by writing me a short message to let me know why. It’s important to us to curate an incredible group so after you reach out we’ll set up a group call to see if it’s a good fit 🙂

(FYI: If this trip doesn’t resonate, I’ll be leading more this year with different themes and intentions so stay tuned). 

From this March 27 – April 6, 2018, join me, my friend and co-host Georgina, a private professional guide, a team of Bedouin (nomads) and a herd of camels for an 11-day trip in Egypt for up to 10 people.

Here’s the main filter—(and be honest, this should either energize you or repel you):

Expect nothing.

Okay, of course there will be structure. We’ll meditate in the mornings. We’ll eat together. We’ll have our transportation and logistics figured out ahead of time. We’ll play games and encourage each other to lead activities and get to know the Bedouins and probably develop some inside jokes. We’ll get a solid break from our work and our phones and our daily tedium. We’ll sleep under the stars some nights. We’ll spend most of our time silently trekking through the Dahab desert on camelback. We’ll get attached to the camels and probably each other…

When you see “Expect nothing,” take it less literally and more energetically. It’s the attitude we’re looking for from the group we take. We want a group of people who are wide-eyed and ready and curious. People who are low-maintenance and supportive and non-dramatic. People who are excited about being encouraged to drop their expectations and attachments in order to be right here right now. We want to know we’re spending 11 days with people who feel the same way we feel: in love. Present. Light. Grateful. Open.

In other words, don’t apply if you’re looking for a conventional tourist vacation. This trip is not about being entertained or stimulated. It’s simpler (and perhaps harder) than that: be present and open and loving and empty. Over and over and over and over.

The truth is: we don’t know what to expect either, so how could you? But we know [and love] how it feels. If you feel that too, we want you on our trip. 

Some specifics:


  • Deadline to confirm with minimum $600 payment: January 22
  • Deadline to pay in full: February 1 (Absolutely no later than February 15)

Dates: March 27 – April 6, 2018 (11 day trip with 7 days in the desert)

Cost: $1,700 excluding airfare

Cost includes:

  • 7-day journey in the Dahab desert (with a professional guide (desertjoy.nl), Bedouin, camels, meals, etc.)
  • Rooms before and after the desert journey
  • Group dinners before and after the desert journey
  • Transportation within Egypt (excluding airfare)

Participants must:

  • Be open and wonderful
  • Purchase your own flights into Sharm el Sheikh, arriving on or before March 27
  • Pay for your own visa ($25 – $35 upon arrival to Sharm el Sheikh airport)
  • Pay for your own travel insurance if desired
  • Confirm by February 1 with minimum $600 payment
  • Pay in full ($1,700) by February 1. (absolutely no later than February 15)
  • Bring sleeping bag + sleeping mat

A Possibility: 

  • We are now most likely ALSO doing this trip in mid October in addition to the March trip. So if that’s your preference, mention that in your message to me.


2 thoughts on “11-Day Trek In Egypt: Applications Open

  1. Mardon Dary

    Hi Corey, This came in my email box and I instantly felt a butterfly feeling in my system, this is a good sign. My name is Mardon Dary and have been meditating regularly since I have connected with Bentinho Massaro’s teachings a couple years ago. My life has taken a full swing for the best and I find when I follow my highest excitement and felt sense all is well. My body is 43 and healthy. I am feeling the urge to step it up a notch to play and explore more of this this world while I’m fit and well. I have followed your blog posts and trust like you would create a group of people that together would co create a beautiful journey in the desert. When we conjure like minds together and resonate as a group it can be amazing!! This is why I am replying as I am craving a group of people I can share ideas, meditate and chill with as well as adventure! Hope to connect and see if this is a fit! Whoo Hoo! I’m in!! Message me if you need more details about me. My name on Facebook -‘Mardon Puravida

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