A Message of Gratitude for iPEC

My intention for this post was to give folks some straightforward insight into iPEC’s Coach Training Program now that it’s almost halfway through. But what I’m feeling right now is grateful—like a strong, heartfelt gratitude. So instead of letting y’all in on specifics of the training, I’m going to let y’all in on what has me thankful to be going through it.

Some of my dreams now feel like plans.

I feel on track to some of the visions that in the past just felt like nice ideas.

Before iPEC started I had no inclination toward coaching or working one-on-one with folks—though when I would visualize the future I often had the thought come up that I’d be some sort of advisor or confidant to various high-impact people. As I go through this training and develop these skills—and now that I’ve started to interview potential coaching clients—I can imagine this manifesting pretty easily. This training seems to be a slipstream in the direction of goals that I didn’t realize were goals.

I feel more grounded than I have since I had a full-time job.

When I say “grounded” I’m referring to a sense that the way you’re living works. That you’re taking action, following through, and seeing results. People who are grounded feel that their lifestyle is sustainable and it makes sense and when they describe it to others they understand. And while feeling grounded is not necessarily associated with what I do (it’s a state of being, not a circumstance), I feel most grounded when I’m working on something that inspires me.

A few days ago I realized that I might be on the verge of starting a coaching business. Like really actually doing this. I never saw that coming—I thought iPEC would be more of a spectator sport for me. But now that I’ve sunk my teeth in, I’m energized and focused. I find myself generating ideas about how to move forward and taking action on them. I love the way this feels.

Sidenote—iPEC manages to work in both ways. It grounds the visionaries like me by putting us into the world and getting us activated. But it also enlightens the pragmatists. It reminds the workhorses to lighten up, raise their energy, see from higher perspectives and let go of attachment to results. This training is remarkably inclusive of all different kinds of people and belief systems—it meets you where you’re at and gets you into alignment. That deserves some gratitude imho.

It stays relevant despite my resistance.

Once in a while I find myself resisting this program. I’ve been avoiding the word “coach” and cringing when people ask me about my “life coaching program.” And once during a webinar I caught myself listening for everything I disagreed with instead of looking for the parts that resonated. It’s almost like I’ve been subconsciously looking for an opportunity to disengage.

But iPEC stays a few steps ahead of me. What they’re sharing with us is not black and white—they don’t claim to know “the right way”— so every time I get righteous about something I heard somewhere in the training, I hear someone else contradict it or offer an alternative that does resonate. There’s not much room for my right-making and wrong-making here because iPEC isn’t preaching anything. They’re exposing me to a bunch of options and giving me opportunities to discover what resonates and what doesn’t. They’re throwing me into the arena and offering support when I come asking for it.

Which brings me to my next point: I’m hungry for more.

Tomorrow is the first day of Module II—the second of three in-person weekend trainings—and for the last two weeks in my peer group calls we’ve been talking about how antsy we are to get our hands on the material in Mod II. Now that we’ve all done a little coaching using what we learned in Mod I, we’re more aware of our incompetencies and we’re eager to get some questions answered and learn more.

Almost every time I see or hear one of the trainers demonstrate coaching by working directly with someone in the course I’m impressed. They’re truly professionals. They know exactly what to ask, exactly how to handle situations—even ones that seem like a lost cause. They set clean boundaries. They know which tools to use when, etc. It’s a fluency I’m eager to learn.

Finally, and most importantly: they prioritize the energy.

As an organization (as I work with them, do their training, talk to their team members, and see the material they put out), it’s evident that what iPEC cares about most is raising peoples’ energy and consciousness.

In the coach training program, they’re less determined that we retain the details and rules and tools, and more intent that we integrate (or perhaps a better word is “remember”) what they call the “foundational principles”—things like:

“Truth exists regardless of belief or consensus”


“We are each a product of our own belief system.”

During Mod I we dedicated entire conversations to each of these foundational principles, and about 10 others.

More than anything, this is what I admire most about this program. It’s multifaceted and real and practical but it’s founded on deep intuitive truths that raise our energy and align us more closely with ourselves.

I feel lucky to be doing what I’m doing.

Thank you, iPEC.



photo by Jamie Katuna ❤

2 thoughts on “A Message of Gratitude for iPEC

  1. Anja

    Thank you so much for sharing all this here, Cory. This is super helpful, inspiring and simply joyful to read and feel into. I am going to have my iPEC Admissions Coach call tomorrow and am psyched to (very likely) follow into your foot steps and also go on this incredible ride!!!
    lot’s of love, Anja


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