Want Me To Coach You? I’ll Take 3 People for Free.

The iPEC Coach Training program is almost a third of the way through and it’s time for me to start putting what I’m learning into action. I’m officially taking clients—three of whom I’ll coach (5 sessions each) for free. 

I’m doing this for three reasons:

  1. I’ve never officially coached before. This is an opportunity for me to get some practice, build my confidence, and gain clarity on what kind of people I want to coach in the future.
  2. It’s likely that I will want to write about what I learn as I start coaching people. I’ll ask for the three people I coach for free to be open to getting written about on my blog. (Don’t worry—I’ll clear everything with you before it goes live.)
  3. I want to dive in. I want to jump off the cliff and “just fucking start.” 😉 It’s the fastest way I know to integrate what I’m learning.

So essentially, by being one of my first clients, you’re helping me out too.

BUT I’m not down to coach just anyone.

I actually want to make a major difference for the people I coach. That means we need to be aligned to a certain extent. So before you apply, understand this: I don’t care about solving your problems. In fact, I don’t believe your problems exist. I’m not interested in helping you make more money or become more productive or improve your relationship. All that stuff resolves itself automatically and effortlessly when you stop fussing with your external life and just do the inner work. I’m not willing to spend much energy convincing people of this. If this doesn’t resonate with you, good to know—it’s likely we’d be a bad fit. Let me know and I can refer you to another coach in my program.

I’m only interested in coaching people who are committed to doing the inner work. I’m interested in coaching people who are done with their own bullshit and determined to get out of their own way. I want to coach people who are ruthlessly honest with themselves; people who care more about realizing their true selves than defending whatever identity they’ve constructed. (I’m also interested in coaching people who aren’t quite there yet but genuinely want to get there.)

In other words—using iPEC’s terminology—I’m less interested in coaching for Self-Mastery (levels 4 and 5) than in coaching for Self-Transcendence (levels 6 and 7).

All that said, right now (before starting) I know less about coaching than I’ll ever know. I have a lot to learn. That’s where you come in.


If you’re interested, go to the “Say What’s Up” tab of my website and shoot me a message with your responses to these prompts:

  1. Put yourself into the future looking back after our 5 coaching sessions: What’s different now about the way you experience yourself and your life? Best case scenario. 
  2. How important is this to you? 

If I sense we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule a 30-minute introductory interview where we’ll get a feel for each other and decide whether or not to proceed. During these introductory interviews I will decide which three people I’ll coach (5 sessions over ~2 months) for free. If I don’t select you for the free coaching, there’s a good chance I’ll still coach you for a price. We can decide on those details together.

Photo by Jamie Katuna

2 thoughts on “Want Me To Coach You? I’ll Take 3 People for Free.

  1. Marina

    Coaching sessions will be perfect for me at this point.
    After the 5 sessions I see myself much more confident and ready to take my next step. I totally see myself living a dream , doing what I love 24/7 and making a great money out of it!
    Having a coach right now is important because that’s my perfect permission slip to fly!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rebecca

    I just fucking start. I’m less interested in pleasing people. I’m not interested in bashing myself over went wrong or hyper analyzing over what I did wrong, I just move forward. I make confident statements. No “yes, buts.” I’m not talking about being an asshole, I’m talking about not being afraid to get it perfect. I go after that which I want, not what is logical, and I know what I want.

    2. This is super important to me. I’ve tried a lot and I’m tired. I know I am capable of so much. She used to be there. Something changed. There are so many women I’m drawn to: writers, entrepreneurs, activists, yogis, spiritual healers. I’m drawn to the women who are themselves; not in a loud, aggressive way. They just be. 💕

    Thank you. This was fun in itself.

    Liked by 1 person

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