Upgraded and Grateful: I Just Got My First Paid Writing Project and I’m Stoked

Three months ago I started writing. I didn’t prepare. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t know what to write. I jumped off the deep end and wrote my first post, Just Fucking Start.

Since, I’ve posted 33 articles, many of which only got a few hundred views.

But my 31st article, Why I Feel Good About The Election, blew up. Right now it’s at almost 30,000 views.

As a result of that article’s reach, a few cool things have happened:

  • I’ve gotten kudos from people I look up to like Hunter Lovins.
  • I was invited to speak on Brenda Baird‘s radio show. We had an awesome conversation and covered a lot of ground— from why I started writing to how to interpret your emotions. You can hear the full recording here.
  • I keep hearing reports from friends about my article showing up in unlikely places. My friend Chelsea sent me a text with a photo of the post printed out and sitting in her office. *heart eyes*




  • And the coolest thing of all: iPEC Coaching— the organization founded by Bruce D Schneider, author of Energy Leadership— read the article (which was based on their model), liked it, and asked me to partner with them. So this month, I’ll be writing a 20-30 page ebook to help promote their mission to raise human consciousness and empower the masses. Sounds pretty aligned with the stuff I’ve been writing already doesn’t it? They’ve given me complete creative freedom and told me to keep it real just like I do on my blog. How cool is that?

Three months in, ya girl is officially a paid writer.

This feels good. It feels like a high five from the universe. Now begins the next phase of my life as a writer and my commitment to helping as many people reach their potential as I can. I’m grateful for this. I’m grateful to Bruce and Michael at iPEC for the opportunity and I’m grateful for the folks who’ve been following and supporting my blog from the start. Thanks guys 🙂

Here’s some of the advice I took that got me here:

Be on a mission.

Not have a mission statement… Be on a mission. Be committed to something bigger than yourself. Be intrinsically motivated by something that inspires you. Identify what you want to change in the world. What can you not not do? What’s your must? What fills you with life and purpose? Commit to it.

At the moment of commitment, the entire universe aspires to assist you.”
— Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

Being on a mission attracts people and opportunities and initiatives that are aligned with your mission. When you know your mission, it’s way easier to know what to say yes to and what to say no to. Being on a mission is like swimming in a direct, fast-moving stream of support and clarity toward your goal. 

“It’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential.” — Barack Obama

Start now.

When I first met Erin Sullivan (you might know her as Erin Outdoors), she told me that she never would have expected to be a professional blogger. She just went for it. And now, a few years later, she’s racked up over 40,000 followers on Instagram. “Just start now.” She told me. “Take some photos and write some content and share it.” 

Keep going.

Gary Vaynerchuk has been my execution guru since I found his YouTube channel. He’s brilliant and ruthless. He preaches hustle, patience, and consistency. Here’s one of my favorite clips of his ever:

Promote your work.

My fearless entrepreneur friend who does whatever he wants whenever he wants and crushes it at everything he tries (and also the guy responsible for taking that photo of me), Tommy Joyce, gives me a lot of great advice (and music). But one piece that stuck with me was this: “For every hour you spend writing, spend 10 hours promoting what you wrote.” 

Thanks to this advice I sent Bruce my article on the election. I can’t say for sure (apparently it was Michael’s idea to reach out to me) but I’d guess this had something to do with them offering me the ebook project.

The ebook will be finished by the end of December, so keep an eye out for it.

Shout out again to Tommy for the featured photo. Thanks love.

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