If You Want, Ask My Advice

I love writing for myself. I love writing about my insights and then publishing them for everyone else. But I haven’t done that in a week and I think it’s because I’m ready for a new approach. I want to write for others. I want to write for you.

I want to do something directly meaningful and useful. I want to know there’s an obstacle that I helped someone overcome. And instead of doing it privately in a one-on-one conversation like usual, I’d like to publish your question and my response on this blog to help everyone else who’s dealing with something similar.

I’m not asking you to come up with some trivial question just to support my interest in giving advice. I’m asking you to keep this invitation in mind. Maybe in 2 weeks something comes up and you feel lost or stuck or confused or angry. Maybe you feel unable to make any progress on it by yourself. If it feels relevant to pose your question to me, I’d love the opportunity to help. Try me.

I’m good at this.

Really good. I always have been. And I love it. Giving solicited advice is one of my favorite things. I remember in high school and college if I had a test to study for and a friend asking for advice on the same night, no contest. 

I’ve never done an advice forum before, so no guarantees lol. This is an experiment. But it energizes me to know I could help people publicly instead of privately for a change. I like that a lot.

Whenever you want, you can submit questions directly to me through my blog.

4 thoughts on “If You Want, Ask My Advice

  1. Wow, what a strong intention, you guys sure do walk the talk. Thank you, I’m going to think of my wording, unravel my thoughts and ask your advise. I’m also going to open myself up more openly to others fearlessly. You are such an inspiration Cory, thank you!

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