100 Questions

My friend Jason told me about this mind-opening journaling exercise: Ask yourself 100 questions. I loved it. Try it : )

  1. What am I going to write next?
  2. When will I finish the culture article?
  3. When will I have a breakthrough on the privilege article?
  4. How will I finish the culture article?
  5. What new perspective do I need in order to finish the culture article?
  6. Do I already have all the information I need to finish it?
  7. Why is it taking so long?
  8. Am I more interested in perfecting it or getting it right?
  9. What else wants to get written?
  10. Do I wanna get even more vulnerable?
  11. At what point would others be uncomfortable or overwhelmed by my vulnerability?
  12. Can I get more vulnerable?
  13. Where is Bashar right now?
  14. Where is Abraham right now?
  15. Are they friends?
  16. Do they have anything to tell me?
  17. When I say the word “frequency” what do I mean by that?
  18. Can I channel?
  19. Can everyone channel?
  20. What does it take to channel?
  21. How do you know you’re channeling and it’s not just yourself?
  22. Should I meditate more?
  23. Am I meditating right?
  24. What would happen if I meditated more?
  25. What’s going to happen this year?
  26. Is fall of 2016 going to be chaotic and wild and transformative?
  27. Will I even experience it?
  28. What is privilege really?
  29. What is power really?
  30. Am I enlightened?
  31. How do I know I’m enlightened?
  32. Why don’t more people say they’re enlightened?
  33. Are enlightened people sometimes not aware that they’re enlightened?
  34. Is that the only difference between enlightened people and unenlightened people?
  35. Are there degrees of enlightenment?
  36. Is there an enlightenment spectrum like there’s a light spectrum?
  37. How’s this challenge going for other people?
  38. Are most people crushing it or struggling with it?
  39. If I had to do a different challenge what would it be?
  40. Do you think you’ll do this next year?
  41. Wasn’t the 100 Questions thing supposed to be hard?
  42. Do I just think in questions already anyways lol?
  43. What would I do if I got put in jail?
  44. What would I do if I couldn’t move but my brain still functioned perfectly?
  45. When will I dissolve?
  46. Do I even know what that means?
  47. Are there any other companies like Trinfinity?
  48. Are there any other leaders like Bentinho?
  49. Do most people who follow my blog get the implications of Trinfinity and what we’re doing?
  50. What’s it like for people to talk to me?
  51. What’s it like for people to listen to me?
  52. What’s it like for other women to talk to me?
  53. Why did I make that distinction?
  54. Would I be good at public speaking?
  55. Will I get funnier over time?
  56. Do people think I’m funny?
  57. In what situations am I the funniest?
  58. In what situations do I find other people funniest?
  59. Who are my funniest friends?
  60. What’s happening in the situations when people who I don’t usually consider to be funny are cracking me up?
  61. Why does humor feel so important?
  62. Is laughing the same as being in a flow state?
  63. Is it possible to be laughing hard and thinking about other stuff at the same time?
  64. Is it possible to be laughing hard and suffering at the same time?
  65. Is laughing enlightenment?
  66. Are aliens funny?
  67. If I were funnier would I have more contact with aliens?
  68. Can I lucid dream?
  69. Have I lucid dreamed before?
  70. Can the Trinfinity team have dream meetings?
  71. If we all got good at lucid dreaming would we start a dream council?
  72. If we started a dream council could we interface with Bashar and Abraham and dead people?
  73. Are people already doing that?
  74. Will I ever go on a date with Lil Dicky?
  75. When will I go on a date with Lil Dicky?
  76. What if we legit date?
  77. Is Lil Dicky deep / on a mission / visionary / awake / curious / happy?
  78. Should I call him David Burd instead of Lil Dicky?
  79. How old will I be when I die?
  80. Do I feel competitive with anyone?
  81. Does anyone feel competitive with me?
  82. How many days could I go without sleeping?
  83. How many days could I go without eating?
  84. How long can I go without thinking?
  85. Will I have my own TV show?
  86. Will it be more like a reality TV show or like Oprah?
  87. Will I have my own magazine?
  88. Will I have a separate team working with me on that stuff or will it be Trinfinity?
  89. Will I be a philanthropist?
  90. Will I get a Nobel Prize?
  91. What will I have done to get a Nobel Prize?
  92. How much have I grown personally in the last year?
  93. What’s the next big phase look like for me?
  94. When is Trinfinity going to come into our next big phase?
  95. Is my next big phase and Trinfinity’s next big phase the same thing?
  96. Is it merging with the team?
  97. Wtf will happen when we merge and become one telepathic organism?
  98. In this lifetime will there be world peace?
  99. What’s the best thing that’s going to happen today?

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