The Trinfinity Team

Here’s the description I usually give people when they ask me about where I work:

I work for this experimental startup in Boulder. Our founder is a public figure—sortof an inspirational / motivational speaker— someone many of us were following on YouTube before we became part of his team. Instead of focusing on projects, he’s focused on culture. So over time he’s collected this group of us who he resonates with— so far we’re only about 15 people— and his intention is that as the organization grows, we become the heart of the company; the trunk of the tree. This means most of us don’t have specific rolls. Our responsibility is to develop ourselves, to support each other, to follow our own intrinsic guidance, and to show up. 

This is an honest answer. But it’s kinda like curated honesty.

I’ve toned it down and found a way to fit it into a more mainstream worldview.

Here’s the truth:

I work for Trinfinity Corp — a company dedicated to an “enlightened civilization by 2035, ready for interstellar absorption.” Our founder, Bentinho Massaro, is the leader of the most powerful, high-level movement I’ve ever seen. The scale of our vision surpasses Elon Musk’s easily. The first time I heard Bentinho speak I remember very clearly setting this goal for myself: “I want to experience life the way he experiences life.” He’s an intense, controversial 28-year-old. He plays video games and smokes cigars and dates models and lives in a mansion in the mountains. And he’s brilliant. A spiritual prodigy.

Our team is the most remarkable group of people I know. Hands down. I once asked Bentinho what we have in common (the team and the broader community) and he said “they’re the most competent.” — Not technically competent necessarily (though we’re plenty technically competent) but competent in our ability to sift through the bullshit. To be exceptionally honest with ourselves. To see the bigger picture. To recognize truth even if it’s unpopular or inconsistent with current belief systems.

What we do is important, but “doing” is not the priority. Doing comes as a result of our state of being; as a result of what we’re committed to and what we prioritize. Our duty is to take 100% responsibility for our experience and our development; to enlighten and empower ourselves; to be of service to others to the greatest extent we know how. To realize our potential. To reclaim our power, individually and collectively.

Otherwise we have almost nothing in common. We’re all ages, from different countries and backgrounds, we have vastly different interests and ways of living. But we’re committed to the same thing. We’ve been drawn together because we’re aligned with the same vision.

I believe this company will be the most impactful, successful, game-changing organization in the world.

I believe people will know Trinfinity as the company that broke all the rules, created the future we want instead of waiting for gradual collective iterations, and built the new model which made the old model obsolete. I believe that this company will disrupt humanity as we know it, for the better. 

A little over a week ago we had a historic team shift which I wrote about on Facebook (here’s a screenshot:)


Which was followed almost instantly by the appointment of a new CEO.

That’s when I realized that now’s the time. Right now, as we begin to pick up steam, this is an opportunity to track our transformation in real time.

Almost nothing we do is conventional. The projects we work on, the way we work, the conversations we have, the team breakdowns and breakthroughs we go through. I’m not exaggerating when I say it feels historic. I’ve been on many teams but none like this. Nothing even close.

Recently Pete said, “Being here—doing this with you guys— this is my edge.” That’s how I feel too.


I’m going to supplement my #100Somethings 100 blog posts with behind-the-scenes stories about our team, our development, and the lessons I’m learning throughout. I might include some interviews, videos, screenshots, whatever. To keep these distinct from my other posts I’ll use the tag “Trinfinity Team.”





2 thoughts on “The Trinfinity Team

  1. This is me

    I love this. I’m following Bentinho for some time now and I love that we get a sneak peak behind the scenes.

    This post and the description of your mission is inspriring. Never settle for anything less. Great for you that you work in such a great team.


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