Prioritize: Epic Interview with Bentinho Massaro

I’ve had a few opportunities to interview Bentinho Massaro over the last couple years. This May, he brought me and a few others (James, Matthias, Ayla, Allison, & Max) to the Bahamas with him to hang out and record some in-depth interviews with him during his free diving course at Dean’s Blue Hole. This interview was based on what he’s learning with free diving, and how those lessons apply to the bigger picture. Free diving turned out to be a beautiful analogy for exploring the depths of consciousness. 

This was our most epic interview— to date in my opinion— by far.

His main point? Prioritize.

Here I’ve pieced together quotes from his mindblowing riff on prioritization (starting around minute 30).

“If you can prioritize what’s truly important to you, I don’t have to teach you 90% of the things I teach you. It’s all about having your priorities straight. And it sounds like ok do your laundry but I’m talking about bigger picture stuff. Like who are you and in this moment how does that apply?

We get so random, so distracted so easily. So caught up in other people’s energy and the automatic collective mind that we’re part of that we don’t realize that we’re a physical expression of a nonphysical consciousness that’s here on planet Earth in this transformational age that has a purpose and a theme and an excitement to follow and expand upon and to develop oneself and to be as authentic as one can be.

In a way we tend to go with the “flow” that’s already set for us; we start vibrating at the tone of the automatic collective mind. When we’re not prioritizing what’s truly important and who we truly are, then that means our vibration is up for anything. If we don’t have a direction and know where we wanna go, then the wind can take us in any direction. It’s so easy to be lazy that way.

So I’ve really developed the habit to notice that when it happens. I get frustrated in a really good way. I take a deep breath and ask myself:

What am I doing?

What’s important?

What truly excites me right now?

How can I develop myself in alignment with who I really am?

You can activate that now but you have to realize certain things:

This is a short life. I came here for a reason. I’m not just a physical creature. I’m not the product of my mommy and daddy. I am a powerful being. I am on planet Earth. There’s other civilizations and other themes going on. This is a global transformational age. How do I wish to be part of that? How do I wish to contribute to that? 

So we need to put that ultimatum on ourselves as if we are 100 feet below the ocean.

What if the only thing that could get you up to the surface was you being aware of what truly inspires you and what’s important to you and making no concessions on that, letting no distractions come in when it comes to that. 

You are now creating your own frequency; choosing your own vibrational paradigm rather than letting the collective choose for you. So you gotta sift through that bullshit and get to the core of what’s truly you, what’s really important to you.

If you manage to prioritize you don’t need any dangerous sport or life threatening situation to get that single mindedness of clarity where you make no concessions on who you are. Even if it doesn’t get you accepted into your community. You just don’t care. It just doesn’t matter. 

Because if it does matter to you, you’ll drown. You have no other option. You wouldn’t be thinking, ‘what does this person think of me?’ No you wouldn’t. You would only think of your highest inspiration. If you can apply that to your daily life then you’ve got a golden ticket.”

Mic drop.


9 thoughts on “Prioritize: Epic Interview with Bentinho Massaro

  1. “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr Seuss

    Glad I was able to spend some time catching up on your being. If thoughts were silver, metallic ink, I’d be conducting electricity right now. Xo


  2. Beautiful interview and a great question for setting priorities in life.
    I have my own version of it and for the past few months, every time there is a choice for doing or not doing something I just ask myself if I would regret not doing it at my time of death. I nearly died more than once in this life so the question makes sense to me. Superb video and images from below help visualize the question 100 feet below. Thanks.


  3. Patty Fahy

    Huge. I’m going to use this–does it matter or not? Love: Being aware of what inspires you and what’s important and making no concessions on that.


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