100 Somethings

I’m going to finish 2016 like a boss and bust into 2017 like Elon Fucking Musk. You with me?

On the night of Wednesday, August 24 2016, I committed to write 100 blog posts by December 31, 2016. (You can click “blog” in the menu to see my progress so far.) Since I started, everything has changed. I’m serious. I’m seeing the world differently. I’m talking to people differently. I’m listening differently. I’m more confident, more enthusiastic, and— I didn’t know this was possible— more optimistic. The other day someone asked me what I do and I said “I’m a blogger.” Wtf?

Quickly after I started, I knew I had to share this. It’s too easy. We all want this. We all have access to this. The only obstacle is our habituated life; our regular way of doing things. We all have something we really want to do, and we’re all waiting for permission to Just Fucking Start.  This is your permission slip to go. Right here. Game time. I made the leap. It was sloppy. Now I’m happy af that I did. And now it’s your turn.

IMG_3195 copy.jpg

The #100Somethings Challenge:

Between RIGHT NOW and the end of 2016, do 100 somethings, whatever fills you with enthusiasm (and a little fear hopefully) and let the world know about it using the hashtag #100Somethings. Once you accept the challenge, tag or shoutout a friend or two, or 30, to take it on with us.

Join the Facebook group to share what you’re up to, follow everyone else’s progress, and root each other on.

A little side note: have in mind what 100 things would advance your dreams. Don’t be low key about this. Imagine looking back on January 1, 2017 like “Wow. Omg. look how far I’ve come. That was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

What to do, you ask? Here are some possibilities to help get your gears turning:

  • Write 100 blog posts
  • Make 100 hard asks
  • Take (and edit, and publish) 100 photos
  • Piggyback 100 people (joking but omg I kinda want to)
  • 100 butt exercises (shoutout to Hina Sheikh you badass, literally lol)
  • Publish 100 youtube videos
  • Do 100 affirmations
  • Paint 100 horses (shout out to my mama)
  • Play your guitar 100 times in front of people
  • Discover 100 hidden gems in your city
  • Ask 100 people to coffee

You get the point. Get creative.

A personal request from me:

When it resonates, send me emails, screenshots, fb messages, whatever (email is katuna@me.com) with your stories. What’s it like behind the scenes for you? What was an epic unexpected win? What are you learning? What shifted? What difficulty did you overcome? I’m saving them and I’ll put together a piece at the end of the year to highlight our growth and courage. ❤

Side note: Made this into a blog post just to have it set in stone so to speak. Once this challenge is over I’ll change the content of my homepage, so I wanted a link that would outlast future edits.

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