Creative Responsibility

Last night before I fell asleep I was thinking about how this works. What are the mechanics behind creating stuff for yourself and your own expression, but then sharing it with others and hoping it will be relevant for them too? What is my creative responsibility?

I had a thought that resonated, so I wrote it down.


Here it is typed out:

How this works:

My responsibility is to tune into what’s true for me, and say it. Truth is intuition. It’s resonance. It’s collective relevance. It’s what we all have in common. It’s the field we share.

The better I get at tuning into what’s true and conveying it, the more useful and impactful and resonant my posts will be for others.

My responsibility is NOT to force it; to say the thing I think I should say; to try to come across a certain way.

Think of it like channeling: Become still. Now, what’s there? Even if it’s ugly, even if it contradicts something I’ve said before, even (especially) if I think it will trigger people or make me look bad, find a way to say it.

Something is always there.

Trust it : )

Photo again by my beloved sissy poo

3 thoughts on “Creative Responsibility

  1. Lili Serbinenko

    LOVE it LOVE it LOVE You!!!!! Thank you Cory!!!! Thank You!!! I’ve been thanking you every day since I first read something you wrote on fb. You are amazing!!!!


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